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The R32 GTS-25 was the most powerful naturally aspirated Skyline in the range, giving out 178 hp at the engine from it's 2.5l engine. It was also one of the first Japanese production cars to feature a 5-speed automatic transmission.

GTS-25 BODY VARIATIONS (click each one for specifications, options, colours etc)
Variant Chassis code Production date Transmission Body style
GTS-25 Type X G ECR32GFE August, 1991 Manual Sedan
  ECR32GYE August, 1991 Automatic Sedan
GTS-25 Type S KECR32RGFE August, 1991 Manual Coupe
  KECR32RGYE August, 1991 Automatic Coupe
GTS-25 Type X ER32GYE October, 1991 Automatic Sedan
GTS-25 Type X G ECR32GFE November, 1992 Manual Sedan
  ECR32GYE November, 1992 Automatic Sedan
GTS-25 Type X ER32GYE November, 1992 Automatic Sedan
GTS-25 Type S KECR32RGFE November, 1992 Manual Coupe
  KECR32RGYE November, 1992 Automatic Coupe


What does it look like?



GTS-25 [RB25DE]
- Six cylinders
- 2.5l
- 178 hp

- Naturally Aspirated
- Auto & Manual
- FR
- 15" wheels
- 1,340 kg's

- Coupe & Sedan
- Type S, Type X, Type X.G

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